Jul 21

The Irish Grushie Or Wedding Scramble – A Celtic Tradition

The Grushie or Wedding Scramble is a wedding tradition which comes to us probably from Scotland originally, Possibly, when they were seeking refuge in Ireland during one of their many wars with England. Before that, the influence was likely purely Irish, which was a favored place to hide from the English, lick their wounds and regroup. Prior to this, the tradition may have it’s influence from Rome. The Roman wedding tradition of paying by coin at various steps in the proceedings probably held some influence here. Since it was Rome who first brought the concept of coin to the Celtic tribes as a means of trying to corrupt them economically, this may have transmuted an earlier Celtic tradition.

The word Grushie in Scots means ‘healthy and thriving’, so in truth, this tradition is about prosperity and getting the bride and groom off to a good start. The best way to do that is by giving back a little. At the end of the ceremony as the bride and groom are to step into the carriage, the bride will throw her bouquet to see who may indeed be the next lucky bride.

Well for the men, there is the Grushie, which was traditionally a handful of coins tossed alongside the bouquet. The person who tossed it was generally related to the groom, his father, elder brother, sometimes the Best Man and even upon occasion the groom himself. There are different traditions for different places and times. Some places require thirteen coins, some require the highest denomination that can be readily afforded, while others recommend the least amount in denomination but the most in quantity. There are even some tales which talk about throwing bags of coins (small though they may be) while others sometimes talked of gifting them as party

Jul 19

Excellent 25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

In order to have a wonderful celebration of your 25th year wedding anniversary, you can simply follow these excellent ideas: familiarize yourself with the theme, create a celebration plan, and consider some gift suggestions.

A 25 years anniversary is something to celebrate. It’s a great milestone for couples to reach this far, its concrete measurement of undying love and devotion. In order to celebrate this memorable event wonderfully, come consider these ideas.

Familiarize yourself with the theme

Silver symbolizes 25 years so usually the theme of a 25 years anniversary celebration is centered around the hues of silver. The decors, party favors, gifts and attire can be silver themed because of its luster and elegance. Silver is the metal for 25 years of togetherness basing on its radiance and durability. The gemstone for 25 years is the green garnet. Iris is the symbolic flower of a 25 years anniversary, you may want to fill the party place or the church with Irises.

Create a celebration plan

Some suggestions on how to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary can include a picnic trip where you can enjoy each other’s company while communing with nature. You can have a simple celebration also at home with a toast and a lovely dinner. Perhaps, afterwards you will watch a romantic flick together on TV. You can also set up a romantic date inspired with a silver theme from cards, balloons, tablecloth, glitters and other party needs. Be sentimental in your approach and arrange some flowers, candles and some classical music. It’s also best to renew your vows in a church wedding.

Consider some gift suggestions

Some gift suggestions you can purchase for the 25th anniversary celebration would include tickets for a sporting event, concert, musical plays and wrapped in a silver envelope or box. You

Jul 18

DIY Wedding for A Unique Experience

Getting married soon? Then, most likely you are planning and re-thinking some of the elements to obtain a fun, interesting and original wedding day. Church wedding is still preferred by some but DIY weddings become more convenient as they are unique, inexpensive and appealing. Want a DIY wedding within the budget? Then, consider these tips:

1. Design your own dress
If you want to design and make your own dress, then you have the freedom. If your mother gave you an old wedding dress, then have it tailored again to make it more sophisticated and brand new. You can also use your wedding colors. If you don’t have the skill, then hire the best dress designer that could achieve your goals.

2. Make your own vows
There’s no denying it that written vows please the crowd. If you are having a beach wedding, then vows such as “My love is as deep as the ocean, I promise you before this beautiful sunset, I will be forever yours” will surely melt the heart of your spouse-to-be as well as your guests’. If both of you love Lord of the Rings Trilogy, then note down your vows according to it. Surely, both of you will be touched by these messages from the heart.

3. Customized invitations and favors
Today, invitation is one factor that makes your wedding unforgettable for the guests. So, invest time and effort to search for beautiful invitation designs that suit with your wedding theme. Internet provides a lot of options, so make sure to choose the one wisely. Wedding favors also bring color to your wedding ceremony. Guests will surely treasure DIY favors such as home-baked cookies, custom-made bottles or jars. Ask for help from family members and friends to create the wedding favors you want.

4. Have your own arbor

Jul 18

Lavender Wedding Theme – The Best Kept Secret

If you want your wedding to be one of a kind, absolutely distinctive and unique, take heart. One of the most wonderful things about modern day wedding ceremonies and the receptions that follow is that the bride and groom can customize virtually every aspect of the day to reflect their personality as a couple. As you go through the ceremony and reception in your mind, do not overlook the power that the color of your wedding theme will have. In a very real sense, it will set and enhance whatever mood you are seeking to create. For someone as unique and special as you, why not consider lavender?

The woman who chooses lavender loves nature and is captivated by the delicate and the subtle. Not for her are traditional pink or even glowing pastels. Instead, she wants the multi hued purples that make up lavender and are reminiscent of Easter and lilacs. These can be reflected in your bridal bouquet, which could be comprised of lavender flowers, white roses and even blooms of other complimentary colors. To accentuate your bouquet, your fiance could sport a lavender boutonniere.

Whether your vows are to be exchanged inside or outdoors, lavender will complement the beauty and solemnity of the occasion. This flower symbolizes caution and devotion, two traits particularly at the forefront on your wedding day. To show off the beauty of the flowers, you might decorate church pews or pillars in purple with sprigs of lavender as accents. Lavender would also be a terrific color for your party decorations, particularly if your post ceremony celebration is to be held outside. Just imagine how lovely each table would be if it displayed a centerpiece made up of lavender flowers and beautiful, fresh green boughs. All that is then required is simple white or

Jul 17

Choosing The Best Bridal Gloves – It’s In Your Hands

There’s nothing quite like wearing bridal gloves if you’re looking to raise the style and elegance quotient of your wedding attire. While the days of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and old Hollywood when hand wear was de rigeur as a fashion accessory are gone, you can still add a touch of class to your big day by choosing to wear them. But it is very important to choose the right ones.

An Age Old Tradition

Traditionally, bridal gloves were part of the symbolism of purity of the bride in much the same way that wedding gowns were white. They cover the hands, which is what the bride gives in marriage. It is also a sign that the bride should be treated like a queen, reigning over the household and not expected to sully their hands with hard labour.

Choosing The Right Ones

Style, colours, and materials chosen (particularly to precisely match the gown) are the common-sense rules when selecting the right bridal gloves to wear at your wedding. There are as many different styles available as dresses in different materials including satin, silk, lace, knit, and leather. Virtually any colour can be found and detailing can be in the form of beads, pearls, crystals, flowers, bows, and ribbons. Some styles just slip on and fit snugly while others have closures like laces, buttons, and hooks and eyes.

One of the more important factors in choosing the right style of hand wear is the setting and theme of the wedding. Ornate long styles may not be quite the thing for morning beach weddings, while short and sheer ones may not be suited for your Renaissance garden wedding.

Don’t Just Match, Complement and Accentuate!

Still, it goes a little more beyond exact matching of materials and details. While bridal gloves may be considered an integral part of the wedding outfit,

Jul 16

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall and Wintertime Wedding ceremonies

When organizing a drop or wintertime marriage ceremony, it might appear to be most of the tips are for purple or purple dresses, but individuals are considerably from the only alternatives. Blue is among one of the most flattering and multipurpose shades for bridesmaid dresses, and it is usually in design and style. They’re some suggestions for blue bridesmaid dresses for slide and winter weddings.

During the autumn months, abundant and deep colours are generally the purchase with the day. For the purpose of bridesmaid dresses, a colour like cobalt blue will be magnificent. It’s deep, but lively, and would function equally effectively for just a daytime or night marriage ceremony. Cobalt is a common coloration this year, and it can be particularly simple to picture it given that the coloration decision to get a September marriage. It bridges the hole amongst summertime and drop beautifully. A long cobalt costume might be stunning by using a black sash and crystal bridesmaid jewellery sets for the official wedding ceremony, particularly in a chic one particular shoulder design.

Navy is an additional exceptional shade of blue for fall and winter. A vintage coloration that is timeless and complex, it appears particularly beautiful in tailored silhouettes. Try out a navy strapless faille bridesmaid costume for a day marriage ceremony, or maybe a extensive navy satin V neck robe for your formal night ceremony. Sets of pearl bridesmaid jewellery undoubtedly are a normal preference with traditional navy attire. As for flowers, blended bouquets in shades of purple are significantly beautiful towards navy. Make use of a combination of plum, fuchsia, and lavender blossoms in loosely organized bouquets tied with navy velvet ribbon. One more thought is to have participate in up the crispness of navy with bouquets comprised of all white flowers,

Jul 16

Photography Sidney – Wedding list

f you want to remember every single detail of your wedding, the best you can do is to create and print a list for your wedding planner. This list should be your quid for an entire ceremony. Photographer Sydney recommended that the notes should give you an idea for your wedding party. On your check list don’t forget to include photographer Sydney who will capture the details you have worked on so hard.

Take care of the wedding menu and start thinking for your wedding vows. Another important thing from your list should be invitations for the quest, let your guests know earlier about the final date, time and place. Think about your hair and makeup, try different hairstyles and buy yourself extra makeup. Don’t forget to make an appointment and tell Photography Sydney about the style and colors you prefer. Changing your name when getting married means you need to complete documents.

Feel free to consult photography Sydney for the details like a florist and make arrangements, check wedding insurance and start planning your honeymoon. After you have decided where you want to travel start shopping for bridesmaid dresses could be quite fun, feel free to ask your friends to come with you and decide together what to wear on this very special day.

Meet with your wedding cake designer tell him about your idea of a wedding cake and ensure delivery of the cake. For the ceremony choose also a pastor, bakery, DJ and song list, and then make a payment to the musician. Did I mention the wedding rings? But those 4 5 months before, if you are quite busy you can always ask for help from your family or close friends.

Wedding photography Sydney will be the most important element from your wedding list.

Jul 13

Perfect Bedfordshire Garden Wedding Venues

A mesmerising and memorable wedding day is the dream of every bride and groom. To ensure that everything goes perfect on the day, a careful planning is highly essential. The first and crucial step is to find the best wedding venue according to the required style and specification. Fortunately, the scenic countryside of Bedfordshire has numerous venue options, which undoubtedly guarantees complete peace of mind. Among many, Bedfordshire garden wedding venues have gained immense popularity these days, because of the fabulous ambiance and unmatched facilities that they offer for the outdoor wedding ceremony. When compared to expensive alternatives like hiring a sophisticated banquet hall, the garden wedding venues in Bedfordshire are reasonably priced and equipped with adequate conveniences to tie the knot.

The beautiful backdrop of these Bedfordshire garden wedding venues surely adds a touch of elegance in a great natural theme. These fabulous venues also create the finest setting for other wedding related ceremonies such as engagements and wedding receptions. Oftentimes, a special floral decoration is not needed on these sites, as the lush green gardens have bountiful flowering plants.

If the guest size is limited to 250, then the marquee suite at the Offley Palace is an ideal option. This country house hotel at Bedfordshire has extravagant facilities such as dance floor and bar area. The glorious landscape at the Wrest Park also caters to the needs of both large and small wedding functions. Another great alternative is the exclusive wedding venue at The Conservatory at the Luton Hoo Walled Garden. This beautifully maintained 5 acre garden facility has bespoke furniture, disco system, dance floors, and much more. Other noteworthy Bedfordshire garden wedding venues include ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Mentmore Golf and Country Club and Tofte Manor. The professional staffs at these venues arrange and offer special event catering

Jul 13

The Meaning Of Wedding Dreams

The meaning of a wedding dreams usually signifies the happy union of yourself with yet another thing that you would like to somehow be mated to in life. This can be a job, a relationship, a new bike, or any one thing or person.

Dreaming of getting married is a very common dream. Often it simply represents the biological ticking. Both sexes will dream of marriage when they start feeling the urge to have a child.

According to both Carl Jung and Freud, dreaming of getting married can also mean the need to integrate your own personality or psyche’s components. This could mean the coming together of your masculine and feminine side, your physical and spiritual sides, your rational and creative sides, or your self and your shadow self. Psychologically, it is a happy dream as it signifies a healthy personality.

Oddly, people dream about weddings during times of stress and difficulty. Many people experience feelings of bitterness or regret during these dreams. Based on superstition, some ancient cultures believe that the meaning of dreams wedding is negative and that it can portend death or grief. It certainly does predict the wish to be supported or loved by another and many people experiencing difficulties may find emotional support in short supply and thus dream about a wedding.

There is a lot of lore about what dreaming about a wedding means. For instance, if a woman dreams about marrying an old man then she will suffer a period of misfortune.

To dream that you are the bride and yet cannot see the groom’s face means that enemies are near. If you are the groom and you cannot see the bride’s face, the meaning is the same.

If you dream that you are at a wedding and there is a

Jul 12

Wedding Album Design With Lumapix Fotofusion And Our Predefined Layout Templates

Design your wedding album in a quick and easy way while maintaining complete flexibility and creative freedom! Predefined layout templates for Lumapix Fotofusion make it possible.

Why use Lumapix Fotofusion?

We recommend the album design software Fotofusion from Lumapix, because it is quick to learn, easy to use and allows you to create beautiful and stylish layouts.

How to design your wedding album in three steps – Overview

1.Download Lumapix Fotofusion and install it on your computer.
2.Choose a predefined layout templates.
3.Open the choosen layout template in Lumapix Fotofusion and start creating your wedding album.

Step 1: Install Lumapix Fotofusion
Lumapix Fotofusion is a great design software that you will enjoy using. Let’s go and get it!
Go to the Lumapix website and click on “DOWNLOAD NOW”. A “Run or save” window appears.
Click “Run” and follow the instructions of the installation program to install

Step 2: Choose a predefined layout template
Creating a wedding album with a predefined layout template is easier than creating it from scratch. A layout template takes care of the overall style, basic arrangements and color themes without limiting your creative freedom. You can add your photos and are free to add and remove photos or change the way they are arranged, i.e. positioning, background colors, borders etc.

Sweet Memory Albums offers two different styles of predefined layout templates: Classic and Modern. Each template contains 10 slides (double pages). Click on “Download” next to the chosen style. A “Save file” window pops up.

Click on “Save” to save the template to your local harddrive and you are done with step 2.

Step 3: Open the predefined layout template and start creating your album
At this point your have downloaded a predefined layout template and you

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